5 Key Benefits of SEO

5 Key Benefits of SEO

We all know how important is ranking in top of the Google for relevant keywords. The process of doing it scientifically is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  1. Increased Traffic to your Website. Remember, when more people visit your website for relevant keywords, more conversion will happen.

  2. Cheap & Best. You must have heard this term many times when you buy something, but this fits best for the concept of SEO. Initially you may need to spend monthly for SEO, but once you started getting the traffic, you’ll find this to be the cheapest and best marketing method.

  3. Deep Page Discovery. If getting audience to the site is one thing, directing them to their relevant product page is an other important thing. As people’s focus level is reduced drastically, it’s more important than ever to show them instantly what they need. Google does exactly that, with the right SEO strategy in place, you’ll directly people directly to the product page they are interested. For ex: Let’s say someone is looking for ‘Cheeta Print for Redmi Note 4 Back Cover’, Google will send them to the page that has this particular product.

  4. Competitive Advantage: Once your website started getting traffic from Google, you do not have to worry about the new competition entrants. You will have an edge over all those who appears newly in the market and also against those who don’t optimze their website for SEO. As SEO is a time taking process, it will be tough to replace your website for the relevant product discovery keywords.

  5. Conversions: With all the other benefits of SEO optimization, the one big and most important benefit it all leads to is ‘conversion’. With more conversion, comes more money and the luxury to spend on further marketing and to take your ecommerce business to the next level.

Hope this post is helpful to understand the benefits of SEO quickly. All the best for your Ecommerce business.

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