7 Reasons Why You Should Never Choose a Free Dropshipping Provider?

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Choose a Free Dropshipping Provider?

Time and again, it’s proven that anything you get free will have bad quality or poor service. Let me give 7 quick reasons why should you NEVER go for a free dropshipping services.

‘Out of Stock’ Sync Problem. If it’s free, a lot of people would subscribe. It’s good, but it would become difficult to sync across all sellers and soon you’ll find issues like ‘out of stock’ frequently that would result in frustrated end customers.

Fraudulent Risks. Continuing with the above problem, we won’t know who is selling our products and a new order from new or rare sellers would create a confusion if or not to process the orders. Remember that a lot of fraudulent activity that takes place in e-commerce. And I’m sure no dropshipper would be ready take that risk.

Delay in Shipping. If you are not paying monthly, you’ll have to pay for every order you get through your customer. And as a free service, dropshippers are not bound to provide you the real time items syncing. It means you need to double check every time with dropshipper confirming if the item is available and if it can be sent before the deadline.

Low Margin. As a free service, dropshipper cannot able to afford you a good profit margin. And any business without a good margin is not a good business if it’s not getting volumes. And as a new retailer, you won’t be having high volumes initially. So margin matters here.

No Returns Policy. Even if a free dropshipper promised you to handle returns, in most cases it’s not possible. He will have many doubts as why is the returns, if damaged- when was it happened, etc.,

Negative Impact. Soon, your customers will start complaining about the product delays, exchange issues, price issues, etc., which could create a bad customer experience.

Business Close Down. Finally, you can’t run a business that gets a lot of bad customer reviews, negative growth, delay shipments, low profit, etc., and you’ll end up closing your business.

I’m sure closing down is not the reason why you’d start a business. If you are looking only for Free service, you may view my answer as biased. If you think so, I’d request you to read a lot of stories online to get the facts right.

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