7 Ways to Increase Conversion for Dropshipping Business

7 Ways to Increase Conversion for Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a wonderful way to get into a retail business without the risks that a traditional business involves. The true test for a dropshipping business is how many visitors place orders. The goal is to sell more with the same number of visitors which would lower your ad costs and increase customer lifetime value. Dropshipping offers a lot of conveniences and hence it is becoming more and more important to keep improving your conversion rates.

On online websites, usually, most visitors abandon their carts without making purchases. It usually happens because the site visitor may have just tried adding the product or just was checking your shipping costs, but assume if you are able to convert the majority of those dropouts to actual customers :)

If you approach it the right way you can actually have a much higher conversion rate than your peers.  We have put together our top 7 strategies that will help you circumvent some issues and increase conversions from website traffic.

Offer easy checkout

Make your checkout process easy and do not ask for too many details. Remove unnecessary details and offer quick checkouts. Make your checkout page one step away from the product page.

Payment Options

For a smooth check out, offer a range of payment options - UPI, Credit Card, Online banking, Debit Card, etc.,. The more options you offer, the greater the chance that a customer buys. You however no need to integrate separate payment options or work with banks. There are a lot of payment gateways that offer simple integration which would allow you to provide all payment options to your customers at once.

Secured Checkout

Security is an investment every business should make. Your website should look and feel trustworthy before a customer enters their banking details. Give customers confidence that their personal information is safe. You could achieve this by installing SSL Certificate which would make your website look secure. Not having this SSL certificate would actually backfire since browsers like Chrome make your site look less secured.

Customer Service

Customer service is important to have long-term and loyal customers. Customer satisfaction and your interaction play a major role in enhancing business. Towards this, the first step is to make your website customer-friendly and easy to navigate. Have a customer service email and respond as soon as possible for any kind of queries you may get. Having loyal customers is what helps businesses grow. Invest your time and resources to provide every customer the best service.

Attractive Product Descriptions

An informed customer is more likely to buy and less likely to return products. Write compelling product descriptions. Focus on your buyer and entice them with the benefits. Tell them why the product will add value to them. Avoid verbose descriptions and spin a story around your product.  If you add customer reviews to your products, it builds some credibility and can help increase conversions. Also make sure that you provide all the important metrics like size, colors, etc., to reduce the returns.

Impressive Landing Page

A landing page is the key component of the sales funnel. It is the digital storefront that catches the eye of the customer. This is why you need a visually appealing landing page. High-resolution images and graphics enhance the appeal. Provide your customers with clear and concise information about your business and make it easy to navigate. Minimal styling is the current trend, it may change very well.

Mobile Optimisation

Most consumers are digital nomads and use a variety of devices to browse. Mobile phone and tablet users are outnumbering desktop users these days.  A mobile responsive design is no more just nice to have but moving to a must-have feature. In fact, not having a mobile-optimized website will be detrimental to your marketing. What you need is not a mobile-friendly website that displays content on a small screen, but a website that provides seamless navigation for any device.

So are you all set to grow your business?

E-commerce is an industry that is growing exponentially and has immense potential for aspiring businesses. What makes a good business is putting the customer in focus by providing them a good shopping experience. There are multiple avenues to find customers and build their trust. Social media campaigns are proving to be a great way to bring in new customers as well as increase conversions. 

Dropshipping is not just a trend, it is taking the e-commerce world by storm. In this novel business model, there are almost no financial risk at all. There is immense flexibility and plenty of opportunities to scale up. Dropshipping vendors usually take care of packing, storing, shipping, and all the major bottlenecks of e-commerce business.

However, as we mentioned, one of the most important metrics in business is conversion rate. The key to dropshipping is attracting more and more customers and making sales to them thus carving a niche for yourself in the market. This is why we put together these 7 strategies that can take you ahead in your business. 

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