A Guide To Tracking DTDC Couriers

A Guide To Tracking DTDC Couriers

DTDC is one of the prominent courier companies with a vast network in India. DTDC Lite is for delivering cargo and documents. You can transport heavier consignments, including material handling equipment and bigger vehicles. DTDC is known for instant booking and fast delivery solutions. Presently, it has more than 3000 offices in different parts of the world. You may also choose DTDC for international courier services. However, how do you track your DTDC couriers? A brief guide on DTDC tracking will remove your confusion.

DTDC has tried to leverage the most innovative technologies to serve your logistics purposes. While shipping a parcel, transporting cargo, and sending a courier package, DTDC has the right solution.

You can use the DTDC mobile app, which is accessible anywhere and anytime. The app gives you real-time visibility of your shipments. Thus, you can easily understand the status and position of your consignments in transit.

Track DTDC courier using a tool
The digital tool for DTDC courier tracking is highly useful for tracking the current status of your courier and parcel. You may check out your shipment status, delivery timelines, and several other details.

Moreover, the DTDC team can send you email notifications. You will be able to anticipate the right time for delivery. Check the few steps for tracking the DTDC courier.
  1. Know the Parcel Number from DTDC team
  2. Input the DTDC Parcel Tracking Number
  3. Hit the option- Track Now
  4. You will find area of the DTDC courier
The DTDC tracking tool enables you to track different shipments online. However, it is a single-number tracking solution. To track multiple consignment numbers simultaneously, you have to enter them with commas.

The digital tool enables you to track the status of 25 consignments at a time.

Then, you may click the Track button and check the details of your shipment in transit.

As a reliable courier brand, DTDC delivers millions of consignments every month. Its consignments reach 10,000 pin codes throughout India.

After the dispatch of the parcel, you may track the shipment number for about 90 days. To track parcels, a reference number is also needed. The DTDC billing paper provides you with the reference number.

The best fact is that DTDC presents you with multiple tracking methods, and you may choose any of them based on your needs.

How to know the courier tracking number?
At the bottom corner of your booking receipt, you will find the reference number

Every time you make a deal with DTDC, you will receive the tracking ID. The company assigns the unique ID number to every customer. Thus, check your tracking ID allotted for courier shipment.

DTDC SMS tracker- Use Phone Number for tracking
You can use your registered phone number for DTDC courier tracking purposes. You need to call the customer representatives and inform them about the tracking code.

Then, the team will tell you about the current delivery status. You may choose this method for any package (like express shipments, parcels, and document mailers) handled by DTDC.

DTDC SMS Tracker enables you to deal with multiple services. You have to type the word- TRACK. Then, add a space (for instance, TRACK B11224466) and input your reference number. Send the message to 9230092300. To know the service availability, you need to enter PIN<space>Pin Code.

DTDC helpline to solve your shipment tracking queries
When you cannot track your shipment, and you have any tracking problems, you can dial the helpline number. The service is open for you from 9 am to 9 pm only on weekdays. On weekends, the service availability time can range from 10 am to 8 pm. However, the helpline numbers are different for Indian states and foreign countries. Thus, you have to check it out based on your needs.

You may also send your query via email (helpline@dtdctracking.net). To get assistance from the customer representatives and solve your shipment tracking problems, you have to wait with patience. Also, these representatives can communicate with you in Hindi, English, and regional languages.

Every customer has the right to receive the shipment at the desired time and in proper condition. Thus, it is important to know the status and the estimated time of delivery.

Can you track your DTDC shipment without using any tracking number?
Some customers search for ways for tracking DTDC couriers without entering the tracking number. They can try to use the email addresses and phone numbers of DTDC offices. But, they have to wait for the email response of the DTDC team.

DTDC Lite service
You can download the DTDC Courier Lite app designed to track your consignment. The free app for iOS, Windows, Android, and Blackberry mobile users has several other useful features. In most cases, DTDC Lite takes 2 to 7 days for delivery of your shipment. But, the time can vary with the chosen destination and the delivery mode.

You may also scan different packages using your mobile camera. Moreover, you can use the barcodes from courier companies present on the app.

DTDC Express Limited Tracking
This service provides express delivery of parcels, goods, and documents. DTDC started its operation in the year, 1976. Also, the company has its own fleet and partnerships to provide courier services. You may also choose the services for international logistics.

Check different things that you can track

  1. DTDC order tracking
    For DTDC order tracking, you may track shipments with one click. Although the tracking process is easy, DTDC has customer care solutions. There is no need to wait for several hours at the nearby DTDC office. You may avoid spending money on SMS and phone calls. That is why online DTDC tracking is a preferable option. You will find the whereabouts of your parcel.
  1. DTDC Parcel Tracking
    You can track the progress of your parcel using the app and website. From the moment of picking up the parcel to the day of delivery, everything can be tracked.’
  1. DTDC Shipment tracking
    Log into the DTDC official website to track the shipment. The process of shipment tracking is not complicated. You need to input the consignee’s details and get the ETA (estimated time of arrival).
  1. DTDC Packing Tracking
    DTDC Track Package is another service helping you to identify your shipment states. Use a tracking number or the reference number which is provided by DTDC Courier. Moreover, you may call customer care service providers to know about the package status and delivery date.
  1. DTDC international shipment tracking
    Some customers use DTDC services to transport their consignment to a different country. They can choose the right DTDC tracking method to know the current location of the package.

    You may think that international courier tracking is complicated. However, online tracking methods can make your task easier.

    DTDC international courier service is available in a number of countries, and a few of them are-
  1. The USA
    DTDC offers onsite delivery and door-to-door delivery of any type of packages from India to the USA. The company has international clients for several industries, like e-commerce companies. Besides, these corporate clients can deliver the consignments within deadlines using DTDC services.

    For DTDC US Tracking, you may visit the website and enter the consignment number. You will never be left in the dark, as there is a chance of tracking the shipment in real-time mode. To learn more about your shipment to the USA, you can dial these numbers- +1-917-650-5470, +1-212-268-2727, and +1-866-383-6606. These toll-free numbers also provide you with easy online tracking solutions.
  1. Australia
    Using DTDC Courier Service, you can transport parcels to Australia from India. The service is available in Australian cities, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane.

    DTDC has an option for delivering both large and small packages to different suburbs. You can choose the express service for faster nationwide delivery.

    With the partner networks, DTDC reaches its courier service to countries like Singapore and New Zealand via reliable partner networks.
  1. DTDC British parcel tracking
    The courier from India to the UK can be tracked easily using the online mode.  You can visit the DTDC UK website for tracking purposes. In the UK, DTDC has offices in Heathrow and Wembley. The helpline number to know about your UK shipment is +02034117333.

    Now, you can read this comprehensive guide to tracking your DTDC parcel, cargo, and any other shipments. There are both online and offline modes of tracking your DTDC courier. You can do it from your mobile by downloading the compatible app. You may also visit the website to enter the relevant details and track the courier. As DTDC is a reliable company, it does not take much time to deliver your package.

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