Baapstore for Beginners!

Baapstore for Beginners!

We get a lot of inquiries everyday requesting us to explain about our services. So we thought of explaining about our services in a very simple way that anyone can understand. We promise it will be simple and short.

In one line, Baapstore is a dedicated E-commerce Dropshipping services. Let’s see one by one.

What is Ecommerce? Ecommerce is about buying and selling stuffs online. Or you can say Ecommerce is an evolution of a traditional retail/wholesale business. With E-Commerce, it is very easy for anyone to start business as one do not need to have showroom, sales people, commercial EB, display boxes, etc., Anyone with just a stock catalog can start selling online right away.

But the problem is, even to sell online, you still need products, photographing of the products, catalogs, delivery team, technical knowledge, etc., right? Though E-commerce has made a lot of things easy for a traditional sellers, it still is difficult for new age Entrepreneurs who wants to start business right away.

There comes the Dropshipping

In Dropshipping business model, you do not even need to hold any stocks. This concept has created a millions of companies across the world including the giants like Amazon and Flipkart. With Dropshipping model, you won’t invest single paisa on stocks, but still you’ll able to sell and make good profits from the stocks of other people. How sweet, eh?

But hey, again there are some issues in dropshipping too. Okay, the major problem of investing on inventory and deliveries are solved. But what about the other things? you’d still need a website, provide customer services, need to manage returns and replacements, etc., You’d end up in situations where you’d need to fight with your suppliers to take the product returns, which no suppliers encourage. As India is still a young country, does not have the perfect Ecosystem for Dropshipping business models yet. So what would you do?

Come to Baapstore – A Dedicated Dropshipping Services provides the Most Evolved Dropshipping services that’s suitable for Indian Eco System. At Baapstore, we literally take care of everything i.e., sourcing of the products, photography and cataloging of the products, ecommerce website, hosting solutions, payment integrations, product deliveries, returns and replacements management, customer queries handling, etc.,

You’d full time focus only on sales and forwarding the mails and little updates whenever required, which also will be taken care by us if you want so :)

Read Below to know the benefits of our Dedicated Dropshipping services:
  1. We provide you an exclusive Ecommerce Store, with Full Admin Access
  2. 5000+ SKUs with 50,000+ Products at Factory Price
  3. Sell at your own Selling Price
  4. Free Domain
  5. Free Deliveries across India at 27000+ Pin Codes
  6. COD / Cash on Delivery Available
  7. Free Web Hosting
  8. Receive payments directly from customers in your bank account
  9. We take care of your customer orders’ Returns and Replacements
  10. Whitelabel Solutions (your customers won’t know that you are supported by Baapstore)
  11. Amazon Formatted Sheets – Sell Easy on Amazon.
  12. Add your own products in the website we provide you
  13. Free Premium Banner and Slider Images – Never spend a penny on getting banner images, you can utilize the ones we create, exclusively for our sellers.
If you like to know more about our services, you can always call us and get to know more about it. This is our number 93812-93812.

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