Common Reasons for Orders Sync Failures

Common Reasons for Orders Sync Failures

  1. Automatic orders will be syncd with 60 minutes interval, so wait for an hour and check again.
  2. Shopify restricted Personal Identifiable data in their basic plan. It means for passing orders, they might or might not provide customer name, mobile number, address, and any other identifiable data. So please check with Shopify if basic plan is enough or you need higher plan to pass PI data.
  3. Nil balance or Not enough funds in Gift Voucher.
    In such cases, visit here to check your pending orders. You can click on Pay Now and clear payment via online payment gateway for the respective orders. Or you can add amount for Gift Voucher and contact our support at below mail address.
  4. If COD Order, make sure to confirm it in's My Account > Action Required page and click on 'tick' icon in the respective order row.
  5. Check if any RTO fees is not cleared, if so clear it and place order.
  6. Check if the SKU number is same as our SKU number.

  7. Check if the product you placed is available with us at required quantity.

  8. If your order has multiple products, check if all of those are our products only and if all those has available quantity with us. Otherwise place orders manually for our products only.
  9. Your Selling Price must be higher than our total cost which is wholesale price + shipping cost.
  10. If international orders (other than India), please place orders manually.
  11. If your customers use coupon code on your website, those orders may not sync properly. So we recommend you to place those orders manually (this issue will soon be fixed, please check with us).
  12. Shopify passes 50 to 100 orders only at a time. Remaining orders will be passed in next API request. If you have this issue, it should be auto syncd in subsequent API request.
Not able to fix it on your own? Worry NOT, contact our support team at the below mail address.

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