Do I need GST number to start a business?

Do I need GST number to start a business?

Not Required. You can either provide us GST Number or PAN Card Number to start using our dropshipping services and sell products online.

However be known that if you want to sell on marketplace like Amazon, GST is mandatory.
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    • Can I claim GST Fees i.e., ITC?

      Definitely. If you have a GST Number, you can claim the GST amount paid on all the orders from subscription invoices to order invoices. For example, let's say that you are making about 2.5lacs per annum and average GST percentage is 5%, you will able ...
    • Do I need to do any business registrations?

      Not required. According to the Government of India, you can start your business as a sole proprietor and for that you do not need any kind of registration. However if you want, you can register the business as proprietorship firm or company, too. ...
    • GST Slabs and HSN Codes

      We strongly recommend you to check the Government portals or check with auditors to know the current tax percentages, slabs and tax hsn codes. GST Slabs: Note: Please refer with your auditor as well. Category GST % Readymade Apparels (Stitched ...
    • Can I sign up for the business on somebody else’ name?

      You can run business either on your name or anybody else’ name i.e., your spouse, friends, relatives, staffs, etc., We absolutely have no problem on whose name you are running the business at.
    • Will dropshipping business work for me?

      Since we take care of all the heavy tasks, it suits everyone serious about doing a business. Your job is to just do marketing and get sales. Dropshipping is one of the most easiest to do business model ever. As long as humans are there, retail ...