Lifetime Plan & Domain Renewal

Lifetime Plan & Domain Renewal

If you have subscribed to a Lifetime Plan with a website developed by us, please ensure that you are renewing your domain on time to make sure that your website stays live. In case you missed renewing the domain for 45 days, your website files will be automatically removed and your data will be lost to avoid any security vulnerabilities.

If you have bought the domain from your end, you shall directly log in to your domain vendor and do the renewal. If we have received the free domain name from our end, you shall just pay us the fee and we'll renew it from our end. No other action has to be taken from your end if you have renewed it on time.

Note: Please be proactive and do the renewals on time. We observed that domain registrars are not consistent in sending the reminders which may make you lose the domain and the site.
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