Drop Shipping in India: Quick Things to Know

Drop Shipping in India: Quick Things to Know

Are you taken by an awe by the growing online e-commerce business in India? Do you wish to be only a seller but still have an identity of your own as someone who owns the brand? In-fact many Indians today face this situation – they want to run their own online stores, or sell at some other reputed stores in their own brand names, but lack either the funds or the expertise to make and run the system! Don’t worry, saddle yourself up, as Drop Shipping in India is an easy answer to all your problems.

Let us take you through more of Drop Shipping in India, what it is, how is the business growing, and what are the most crucial things to know. We’ll first start with a very brief introduction to Drop Shipping in India and then move ahead.

Drop Shipping in India

With the traditional e-commerce stores now taking a back seat, pushed behind by specialized niche online stores, drop shipping in India is growing at a very expeditious rate. Covid-19 has been a major influencer no doubt, but the general ease of purchasing something online, and easy access to internet via smartphones and laptops is what is making drop shipping in India rock immensely. It is expected to keep growing at a rate of about 28.8% annually until 2025. Given the current ratio, this will make drop shipping in India a $557.9 billion industry by then. Hit the iron when it’s hot, and drop shipping in India is definitely something hot!

Baapstore.com is a good name among drop shipping in India businesses, to gather more insight. We mention baapstore.com specifically, because it is a very well renowned name in drop shipping in India and at the time of writing this, ranks at the top in this kind of business model both from a customer satisfaction point of view and loyalty rate.

The 4 Main Considerations

If you are looking for a drop shipping in India business, there are 4 main considerations you must focus on:

Services: Pick a reputed service provider initially. For example, baapstore.com can come handy when you wish to start drop shipping in India. They can help you with – products, sellers, websites, domains, inventory, brand names, partnership models available for drop shipping in India – all kind of stuff. You can also collaborate with them in the beginning and then take it on from there all on your own, once you feel ready. Investing a little more initially and getting a good service partnership can get you a long way and save you a lot of money in the future. This is one name that we mention, baapstore.com, there are others too, just ensure that you choose someone reliable and reputed.

Define your territory: Always choose whether you want to run the international market too, or do you want to start low, only in limited local geographical areas. Though drop shipping in India does not require an inventory stores or packaging or other supply chain costs, but there are some other hidden factors associated. Therefore, you must go in detail while deciding on your region or service and your choice of market.

Platforms: Okay, you decided on your market, but what about the platforms? Are you going to have your own website? Are you going to sell on already established ecommerce listings? What is your marketing strategy? How are you going to gather customers? This is an important choice and will also decide upon your market reach considerably.

Automatic or Manual: One of the best advantages of drop shipping in India is that with help of tools and software, you can completely automate them, partially automate them, or just keep the control in your own hands, that is a complete manual. You can also set various products for various types of order execution modes, all depends upon the resources, time and money that you are willing to spend.

The Three Steps: Drop Shipping in India
Whether you are checking for drop shipping in India, or any other place, drop shipping almost always has just three steps involved.

An Order is Placed: The end customer places an order via whatever platform you have listed, it can be a website, an email bulletin, a listing on some ecommerce store, an online advertisement, or anything that is possible for that matter.

Retailer collaborates with Supplier: The retailer, which is you, shall forward the request to your manufacturer or supplier. Now there might be a drop shipping company involved here, like baapstore.com, rather than the manufacturer which shall ship in your brand name, or you might be a drop shipper yourself. There are various kinds of business models when it comes to drop shipping in India, check out baapstore.com for more insight.

Delivery: The supplier, either the manufacturer or the drop shipping company in India, accepts the order, packs it properly and ships it to the end customer in your brand name.

Advantages of Drop Shipping in India
Another major advantage of drop shipping in India is that it offers complete flexibility in terms of work hours and work places. You can work while travelling, or you can take a few days off. You can be your own boss! Second, the business can be started as a zero-investment start-up. You need not spend on inventories, you need not spend on packaging, in-fact you need not spend on part of the supply chain. You even get paid out from your retailer before you pay your own supplier. Next, there is no end to the amount of profit you can make via a sound drop shipping business in India. You can increase the number of products you deal in, you can increase geographies, you can increase platforms, you can even penetrate into the line of business, like educate people on drop shipping in India, as that is trending too!

In the end, it would be right to conclude that drop shipping in India is definitely growing, and that too growing fast. It is better to grab a place before drop shipping in India becomes too overcrowded and unwelcoming for new start-ups. If you have the slightest bent or are thinking of drop shipping in India, go for it. You can contact baapstore.com for hassle free drop shipping services to assist your e-commerce supply chain.
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