How to create a Return Request from your E-commerce Website

How to create a Return Request from your E-commerce Website

You can just inform us about the order returns and we'll do the necessary steps, provided that it follows our Returns and Exchanges terms.
Below are the steps your Buyer needs to follow to create a Return Request from your Website:

Step 1: After purchasing the item, the orders can be viewed from either by clicking 'Order History' at the top bar or by navigating to user profile > view your order history.

Step 2: Click on view against the order to be cancelled.

Step 3: Click on Return icon.

Step 4: Check if order informatio pre-filled are right, Select the 'Reason for Return' and check whether the product is opened or not. If any details need to be provided, it can be given in the 'Faulty or Other Details' box and click on 'Submit'.

That is it. Then from the admin end, you can decide what action to take on the Return Request by navigating to Sales > Returns.

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