Opencart API Generation - Baapstore

How to Generate API Keys in Opencart for Auto-Order Placement

If you are Diamond Plan member and have active website in our servers, you can just ignore this and sip a coffee, we'll take care of everything for you. This tutorial is only if you are managing your own Opencart site.


Prior Requirements:
1. You need to have any active plan with Baapstore which you can look at
2. You must have Journal theme 3.0 with Opencart 3.0 installed. We haven't tested with other OC versions or themes.

Section 1: Installation of API Code: 
  1. Go to your Website Admin Account.
  2. Navigate to System > Users > API from the left pane.
  3. In the right side you will see a table with API Username as 'Default'. In the same row, click on 'Edit' Icon. (as given in the below screenshot)

  4. Under the 'General' tab, copy the API Key as given there (make sure to not add any extra space).
  5. In case the Status under the API Key is set as disabled, select 'Enabled' option and click on 'Save' in the top right.
  6. Go to your Reseller Portal and Navigate to 'My Account > Order Sync Config' page.
  7. Select your platform as 'Opencart'.
  8. Under 'Your Domain Name', enter the domain name with www, but do NOT add http or https. For example, if your domain name is '', you should add it as ''.
  9.  Next to 'Opencart API Key', paste the API Key you copied from your website's admin account as in Step 4.
  10. Click on 'Submit' button.

Section 2: Configure Files
  1. Approach Baapstore and you will be given two folders in the folder name as 'catalog' and 'admin'.
  2. You will find the same folders in your Opencart site, you need to replace the files you have in your 'catalog' and 'admin' folders with the files given inside our folders.
  3. You will get an other text file with 2 queries. You need to add it in your site running SQL queries.

  1. You need to have your own Server.
  2. As we do not give FTP or cPanel and if the site is built by us and you want to do the setup on your own, you need to move the site to your server which we'll do for one-time nominal charges
  3. If you are NOT a developer, do it with the help of a developer.
  4. We are not responsible in case your website gets crashed.
  5. In case you have already modified something in your website, those maybe changed if you add our files.

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