Getting an SSL Certificate from Baapstore or Other Providers

How to Get SSL Certificate

To make your website SSL secured, you first need to have an SSL certificate issued for your website and have it installed.

You can buy the SSL certificate from us or from any 3rd party providers.

Buying from us: Get in touch with us to know the pricing of the SSL certificates. You can either contact our bdo at 93812 93812 to know the pricing or mail us at

Buying from 3rd Party: You can buy SSL certificate from any 3rd party providers and get it installed in your website.

SSL Installation:

Installation of the SSL certificate can be done by either yourself or we'll do it for you at a one-time installation fee.

If you have bought the SSL certificate through us and want us to install it for you, you just need to pay us a one time installation fee and we'll take care of the installation part.

If you have bought the SSL certificate from a 3rd party provider, you need to share us the below details for us to do the installation process.
  • Email Address
  • Certificate Name
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Company Name
  • Company Division(optional)
Please be known that the information you provide us should match with your domain's data. And your domain data should be public and not private.

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