How to Mark 'Out Of Stock' Updates in the Website & Amazon?

How to Mark 'Out Of Stock' Updates in the Website & Amazon?

While delivering the website to your or providing formatted sheets while you join us, we'll keep every stock updated and deliver you. From the next day, you need to sync stocks on daily basis. Simply, you need to visit our Stock Updates Link on daily basis at your preferred timing and mark it on your Website and Amazon accordingly.

How to mark Out of stock updates in your Website - Manually

Step 1: Go to Stock Updates Sheet by clicking here.
Below is the screenshot of our stock sheet:

Step 2:  Look out for the columns 'SKU ID' and 'Status'. For example, let's copy (ctrl+c) the SKU ID BSDSA863S123.

Step 3: Login to your Website Admin Dashboard and Navigate to Catalog > Products.

Step 4: Type the SKU 'BSDSA863S123' in the SKU field and click on 'Filter' as in the below screenshot.

Step 5: Click on the 'Edit' icon in the shown result listing, as below:

Step 6: Under the 'Data' tab, Enter the Quantity as '0' in the Quantity field, as in below screenshot:

Step 7: Click on 'Save' icon at the top right.

Note: In case you find any difficulty, send us a mail and we'll help you with it.

How to mark Out of stock updates in your Amazon

Step 1: Login to your Amazon Seller Central account.
Step 2: Click on Inventory > Manage Inventory

Step 3: Enter the SKU number in the search field and click on 'Search' as in given below image:

Step 4: Enter the quantity as '0' in the quantity field and click on 'Save' as in the above image.
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