How to Update Out of Stock products in Bulk from the admin End?

How to Update Out of Stock products in Bulk from the admin End?

Login to your Admin Dashboard and follow the below steps:
  1. Navigate to Product Import >  Inventory Qty or Price Update.

  2. Under the default 'General' tab, Select 'SKU' option.

  3. Download excel file from this link and keep the file opened- Bulk Quantity Update Format File.

  4. Goto our Daily Stock Out Sheet at

  5. Scroll down to the date since when you have not updated the stock sheet. and copy SKU Numbers from that date to the last row.

    Note: Just copy the SKU numbers and not anything.

  6. Paste required values in the respective links:
    > under 'Sku' column, paste the SKU numbers.
    > under the 'Quantity' column, enter '0' for out of stock items and enter '1' for in-stock items.

    You must Save the file after making changes.
    Do not enter duplicate SKU numbers. If you do this process on daily basis, you won't find any duplicate SKUs though.

  7. Go back to your Admin Dashboard where you kept the tool opened and
    > Click 'Choose File' and Upload the saved file
    > Click on 'Update Inventory'.

Boom. That's it.  If it is successful, you'll find the below flash message


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