Why Baapstore? It's Benefits

Why Baapstore? what are the benefits of joining Baapstore's Dropshipping services?

After subscribing to baapstore.com, you'll become our authorized retailer and can sell our products online and offline and make high profit margin in every order, without ever investing on inventory.

Below are some of the benefits you'll get by subscribing to baapstore.com

  • 7000+ SKUs, all at wholesale cost
  • 150,000+ products
  • 100% Access to all our products
  • 150+ Manufacturers' products at wholesale costs, for single shipments too
Photography & Cataloging
  • Product Photographs
  • Product Catalogs - Sizes, Colors, etc.,
No Transaction Charges
  • We don't set any profit on the products, you'll get it at a proper wholesale/manufacturer price
  • There is no transaction charges as well. You can make any number of sales without ever incurring a transaction fee.
P.S: Please be noted that transaction charges charged by your payment gateway company is different.

Shipping & Returns
  • Up to first 120 shipments free
  • Post that, nominal flat shipping costs
  • Delivery to 27000+ pin codes across India
  • Delivery to International locations as well
  • We take returns in all cases and issue refunds or exchanges based on your customer requirement.
Automated Website
  • The website we develop for you is totally automated for order sync and stock sync.
  • No manual work to be done.
  • Your logo/business name on your website, invoices, delivery slips, etc.,
  • Customers will not see our name anywhere
  • Shiplabel will have your business name only
  • Shortest support timeframe
  • Mail Support
You can check all the other benefits in our pricing page at baapstore.com.

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