Why do I need to use the website created by Baapstore? what's special in that?

Why do I need to use the website created by Baapstore? what's special in that?

It comes with a lot of features that make you focus on your core business – sales and marketing.
All the other headache will be taken care by us.

Let’s show some points why you should really take our website.
  1. Automatic Order Sync. If you have taken our highest plan, you will have received a website that comes with the feature where the orders are automatically pushed from your website to our portal and so no manual placement is required.
  2. Automatic Stocks Sync. You do not have to manually update the stocks. It’s automated and real time. If a stock goes out in our reseller portal, it would immediately reflect in your website too.
  3. New stock additions will be done by our team. We keep adding new batch of stocks on a regular basis, you do not have to do any kind of uploading work. All these will be done by our team for you. We’ll allot a resource or two for your website and new products will be added by them.
  4. Ecommerce website we create are customized for the dropshipping purposes.
  5. All our ecommerce sites are hosted on cloud server.
  6. We also provide continuous support to the website we develop for you without any additional charges unless you want some custom work done.

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