Is there any subscription fee? why?

Is there any subscription fee? why?

Yes, you only need to pay for the service we provide. You can check our pricing at No investment required for inventory.
  1. We incur various expenses on inventory acquisition, photography, servers, shipping management and other operational expenses.
  2. We'll provide you inventory at manufacturer/wholesaler price. You will able to sell our products at highest profit margins. We don't set a profit margin of single rupee on products.
  3. Our services include automated e-commerce portal, free & lowest cost shipments, returns management, whitelabel orders,  APIs, hosting, payment gateway integration, shipping integration, marketing tools, etc., that would otherwise cost you a fortune.

    Check our plans page to understand all the services and benefits we offer.

    To read more about why we charge a free, check our blog here.
Note: In free dropshipping services, vendors charge heavy transaction fees that would increase your end selling price which would not get you sales. Your very purpose of starting an e-commerce business itself will be destroyed. Moreover vendors don't take responsibility if any issues in quality, shipments or damage.

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